JB Team Update One of the finest and most exquisite residential and commercial area. Owner want to start renovation without check defects. But...tiles pop up when designer visit their unit. Hollow tiles cari pasal now. Hati-hati ya. We Check, Because We Care!! ❤️ Whatsapp Our Johor Team Now For Booking and Enquiry~ https://wa.link/hxi78c

Posted by I-Home Inspector on Thursday, February 25, 2021

KL Team Update 新年快樂 年初五 繼續huat到地磚爆 😰 Still remember this video https://fb.watch/3Hl0A4Z7km/ ? "The developer staff say: My unit got hollow tile for 16 year, no issue la!! Why you want to log complaint this on our defect list?" Now we will let you know what happen if got hollow tiles. We check because we care! ❤️ Whatsapp Us Now For Booking and Enquiry~ https://wa.link/i6htiq

Posted by I-Home Inspector on Tuesday, February 16, 2021