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Thermal Imaging Inspection

If you are looking for a home inspector, you may have come across the term “thermal imaging”. This is a tool inspectors use to boost the effectiveness of their home inspections. But what does this technology do exactly? Below, we go into detail about how thermal imaging in a home inspection helps provide a better service to you.

Infrared cameras show inspectors how much thermal energy an object or area emits. Understanding the varying thermal temperatures of objects and areas in your house is helpful to see that everything is functioning properly.

Those who opt for thermal imaging in a home inspection will receive images showing problem areas with irregular sources of heat or areas with less heat than usual. Oftentimes, these areas appear normal to the naked eye.

Although thermal imaging doesn’t let inspectors see through the walls of your home, this technology certainly provides some extra insight into a home inspection. With a professional who uses thermal imaging, you’ll learn more about the current state of your home and will receive a more thorough report. Thermal imaging helps you better understand the home you are buying and how to maintain it.

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Nice service. Mr Tung KL Team are very punctual and professional inspection. He will check very details and clarify every defect with customer.. highly recommend.

Adam Haris

Mr Soh gave an amazing service where he explained it well to me on the defects. Fast report and after service explanation is great too

Aminu Razif

Super efficient, they provide very professional and careful work, every detail is not overlooked, the inspection is very careful, and the report is completed very quickly, it is highly recommended that everyone can find them to inspect the house.

Pannie Gong

Super efficient, professional, very patient to explain regarding the faulty work to us, and very helpful! Will definitely recommend to all my friends!

Jessie Lim

The inspector was very detailed in his work. All segments of the unit were thoroughly checked. The part I like the most is he helped log in all the defects in the app which I don't think I would have the time to do that. Recommend service hands down.

Hazwan Zohdi

The person that is assigned to perform the inspection duty at my new house has done it admirably. The level of detailness is amazing. The explanation of the end result is clear and concise. The final report is produced promptly and very concise to our need for the submission to our house developer. Thank you very much. Highly recommended.

Eddie Choong

Highly recommend for Home Inspector. Reasonable service pricing which I have been survey. More over, I like the way which they are perform the defeat checking, very responsive and professional. Definitely will recommend my friends to look for Home Inspector😘😘😘


Mr Tan is my inspector. Nice service from him and he is very detailed. Received his report within one day. Super efficient! Thanks and worth the service 👍👍

Fung Wai Ting

i-Home Inspector is independent, professional and efficient. They did a thorough inspection of my unit, that I may not spot yesterday and did a comprehensive report. They give me peace of mind. Highly recommended

Edith Ying Chao Lim